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Braw Hame will provids room organising, house sitting, house staging, packing, unpacking, home reconfiguration and guidance and mentoring services.  Braw Hame is commissioned directly by individuals.  Data privacy is extremely important to us.  This privacy notice defines the personal information that we hold in respect of individuals and, the full extent of how that information is used.  

Information collected

The information that we collect is necessary to enable us to fulfil our contracts.  It is supplied directly by the individuals that contact us to request our services and is logged on a spreadsheet database.  Whilst the majority of the information is non-personal (relating to services taken, fees, aims and requirements etc) there are by necessity some personal data elements. 

Personal data elements collected are limited to (i) full name and (ii) personal e-mail address.  For the avoidance of doubt, we do not hold any sensitive personal data nor do we hold any personal financial information. 

Legal basis for processing personal data

The legal basis for processing personal data is covered by both the “consent” and the “performance of a contract” clauses. Without such information being held, we would be unable to provide our services.

Sharing personal data

Braw Hame does not, under any circumstances, pass on the personal data that it holds to any third party.

Personal data storage and security

Personal data is stored on a password protected computer.  The file in which the data is held is similarly password protected.

How long is personal data kept

The personal data is reviewed and updated regularly.  Information no longer required is deleted from the database immediately. Customer records are retained for seven years from the end of the accounting period in which they were last active.

Data subject rights in relation to personal data

Data subjects have the following rights

  • To have access any personal information that we hold
  • To have any errors corrected or their information deleted
  • To withdrawal their consent to having their personal data stored
  • To data portability (being provided with a copy of the data that we hold)
  • To restrict processing
  • To lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (for example in relation to the data being used other than for the specific purpose for which is has been collected)

In the event of any issues, concerns or questions, either in relation to data subject rights or anything else in this notice, please contact Sue Evry at

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